Tasmanian Sea Urchin

Quality guaranteed with all Tasmania Sea Urchin orders.

We produce the finest quality of sea urchin locally, distributed in Australia and internationally. 


The Freshest Sea Urchin in Australia

The Tasmania Sea Urchin harvested off the rocky beds of the Tasman Sea is not only mouthwatering to the eyes but also packs a punch in taste. If you're a natural Sea Urchin lover, you'll love the meaty sea urchin's we have in stock.

Our Sea Urchin (Long Spine) can grow up to 30 centimeter in diameter with a tinge of natural sweetness which will be sure to satisfy. 


Tasmania Sea Urchin

There are two types of sea urchins in Tasmanian waters, the short spined sea urchin, Heliocidaris erythrogramma which is endemic to Tasmania and has well established markets and is being harvested from August to December.


The second species is Long spined sea urchin Centrostephanus rodgersii. The long spined urchin has become established in Tasmanian waters following changes to the East Australian Current which has allowed this invasive species to be transported from New South Wales to the east coast of Tasmania. These are harvested from January till August every year. 

Tasmania Sea Urchin