We ship anywhere in the Australia! We use courier services to ensure your seafood remains fresh and ready for enjoyment upon arrival.



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When will my order arrive?


All orders received Monday- Friday by 1:00pm are shipped Fedex Priority  (unless a specific delivery date is chosen)

All orders received after 1pm  will be shipped next day unless otherwise specified. Friday orders that do not designate a Saturday Delivery will be shipped Monday for delivery on Tuesday.

All priority overnight shipments are delivered by 4:30pm.

Federal Express does not deliver on Sundays or Mondays.

All non-perishable items are shipped FedEx 2 day Shipping

We are not responsible for contacting recipients of shipments

Please double check all addresses. There is a $10 change address fee after your order has Shipped. We are not responsible for delayed delivery due to incorrect addresses.

Can I change my address after my order has already been placed?

We will allow an address change if a tracking number has not been assigned to your order. Once a tracking number has been assigned we cannot allow an address change unless absolutely necessary. As noted above, please double check all addresses, as we are not responsible for delayed delivery due to incorrect address or missing unit numbers.

Can I change my order after it has been placed?

If your order has not been processed and assigned a tracking number you may change your order. You will need to call in with a credit card as we do not keep credit card numbers on file for your protection.

What if my order is for a holiday, special occasion or gift?

We suggest that all orders for holidays and special occasions be delivered a day or two before your event takes place. We ship all of our orders overnight but due to unexpected inclement weather orders can get delayed. We pack all of our shipments with gel ice to keep your package cold and fresh for 48 hours!

Can I ship to a P.O Box?

Sorry, we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

Can I ship to my business or place of work?

You can have your order shipped to a business or place of work at shippers own risk, but please keep in mind that Federal Express only gives estimated time of delivery. If this package is for a special event or for Friday delivery we ask that you please send it to a residential address. We are not responsible if your package does not make it to your place of business before closing as Federal Express delivers until 8:00PM.

Can I ship to my Apartment building or Gated Community?

Recipients in apartment buildings may need to be home to sign for their package. Recipients in gated communities need to provide a gate code if there is not a gate attendant. We are not responsible for delayed delivery of packages due to no gate code being given at the time order is placed. FedEx drivers may require a signature if they feel the package is being delivered to an unsecured location, this will be left to the driver’s discretion.

What is the likelihood that my overnight shipment will be delayed and arrive late than anticipated?

Due to the increase in mail and freight shipments during the holidays, some packages can be delayed. Inclement weather can also be the cause of a delay. Our shipments are packaged to go for 48 hours with gel ice. Should shipping take longer than 48 hours please email us and we will discuss your order.

How can I send a fresh seafood order as a gift?

Easy! Order as you would a gift for yourself and designate the proper shipping address during the checkout process. Please tell us what you would like to say in the Gift message section during check out and we will handle the rest. 

We are not responsible for contacting gift recipients about delivery.

Can I order large quantities from Tasmania sea urchin?

Yes of course! For discounts on large quantities or orders over 50 trays, please call 0420888883. We look forward to helping you with your special order!

Can I use my own Federal Express account number for my order?

We cannot accept third-party Federal Express account numbers.

Please double check all addresses, as we are not responsible for delayed delivery due to incorrect addresses.


Promotional Codes are only valid for online orders placed at, we cannot accept promotional code for phone orders.

Promotional Codes have an expiration date located at the bottom of the promotional email, we cannot accept expired codes.

Promotional codes are only valid during the promotional period. We cannot retroactively apply promotional codes to orders placed before the promotional code was active or once an order has been placed.

If you forget to enter your promotional code during checkout, you will receive your credit back in the form of a gift card.


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